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BBQ takes over STL

St Louis is home to some of the world’s best barbeque. It is a cultural pillar to the world of that cuisine and is celebrated as such. Last week St Louis hosted its largest barbeque festival in the shadow of the Arch and city hall, Q in the Lou was held in Kiener Plaza. Over the 3 day festival spanning over the weekend of September 21stto the 23rdbrought in pitmasters from all over the country to show off their impressive grilled, smoked or seared meats.

The event was free to the public and provided more than enough options to appease any foody. Some vendors chose to serve more traditional options like Ribs or brisket but plenty of other diverse options were available, things like sliders, hot dogs and tacos were all easily available.

While everything was popular and busy all weekend long. Favourites emerged. Local hot spot “Sugerfire” was extremely popular as was Pappy’s Smokehouse and the Texas-based Salt Lick BBQ. These vendors came extremely prepared with officials reporting that they had to bring 1000 pigs in order to satisfy the masses.

The event was far more than a BBQ eating fest though, with live music playing all weekend and a schedule of presenters set to show off their skills, teach classes, and inform those wanting to watch, the event was truly a community function centred around celebrating barbeque and having a good time.


Q in the Louis is another success in a long line of events free to St. Louis citizens, for more information on St Louis events available visit



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